All-Time Unsung Heroes of the NFL – Broncos Edition: Howard Griffith

Howard Griffith deserves more praise than he gets for his versatility, post-season play.


Moments of Heartbreak: Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant’s Controversial Non-Catch

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 as an expansion team. Since their inception, they have been one of the most decorated teams in the National Football League. They have appeared in the Super Bowl 8 times and have won 5 times. Their 5 Super Bowls is good enough to put them at second all time (tied with New England and San Francisco) just behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cowboys are also the only NFL team in history to have 20 straight winning seasons (1966-1985).

Moments of Heartbreak: Cleveland Browns – The Move

Who are the Cleveland Browns? The Browns were a charter member of All American Football League (AAFC) and were founded in 1945 by Arthur B. McBride and then coach Paul Brown. In the four year history of the AAFC (1945-1949), the Browns dominated and won the championship in each of the 4 seasons of the…