Moments of Heartbreak: Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant’s Controversial Non-Catch

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL in 1960 as an expansion team. Since their inception, they have been one of the most decorated teams in the National Football League. They have appeared in the Super Bowl 8 times and have won 5 times. Their 5 Super Bowls is good enough to put them at second all time (tied with New England and San Francisco) just behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cowboys are also the only NFL team in history to have 20 straight winning seasons (1966-1985).

Moments of Heartbreak: Cleveland Browns – The Move

Who are the Cleveland Browns? The Browns were a charter member of All American Football League (AAFC) and were founded in 1945 by Arthur B. McBride and then coach Paul Brown. In the four year history of the AAFC (1945-1949), the Browns dominated and won the championship in each of the 4 seasons of the…

2017 NFL Draft: First Round Fantasy Impact

Well….that was a crazy 1st round. Lots of teams trading up for quarterback’s in the 1st round, which is always exciting, but is it is exciting for fantasy? Not always the case. Some teams definitely got some offensive weapons that could make an impact right away. Some pick left me scratching my head a bit. Let’s take a look at some of the offensive pieces taken in the 1st round and how they may impact your league next season.

Moments of Heartbreak: Cincinnati Bengals – 2015 Wild Card Game

he Bengals were founded in 1966 as the final team in the American Football League (AFL) before the AFL-NFL merger. They were actually founded by Paul Brown, who was Cleveland’s head coach up until 1963, when he was let go. After he was let go, he had interested in starting up his own franchise in Ohio. He ended up going with Cincinnati and worked out a deal for a new stadium. The Bengals were born.

Moments of Heartbreak: Chicago Bears – The Death of Walter Payton

Walter Payton was one of the top running back prospects in Mississippi coming out of high school but was not offered any scholarships by any teams in the SEC as they offered very few African Americans scholarships during that time. He was offered a scholarship with Kansas State and had accepted but ultimately decided to stay in Mississippi and attend the primarily black Jackson State University.

Moments of Heartbreak: Carolina Panthers – Super Bowl 50

The Carolina Panthers are an expansion team that was founded in 1993 and played their first season in 1995. The Panthers are just one of 13 teams that have not won a Super Bowl. However, they have made the playoffs 7 times since their debut and in just their 2nd year of existence, the Panthers managed to make it to the NFC Championship where they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers. They did not have another winning season until 2003, where the Panthers reached the Super Bowl and lost to the Patriots 32-29. The Panthers did not reach the Super Bowl again until Super Bowl 50 in 2015, which is this weeks topic of discussion.

Moments of Heartbreak: Buffalo Bills – Music City Miracle

The Buffalo Bills were founded in 1960 and were a member of the American Football League where they won back to back AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. The Bills joined the NFL in 1970 during the AFL-NFL merger. Since the merger, the Bills have made the playoffs 13 times and are the only team in the NFL to win four conference championships in a row, which is a great record. They are also the only team in the NFL to lose 4 Super Bowls in a row, not such a great record. The Bills have not made the playoffs in the 21st century. The 90s were by far the most successful decade for the Bills, with only 2 seasons without a playoff appearances (1994, 1997). Their last playoff appearance was in 1999, where they lost in the Wild Card round to the Tennessee Titans in a game that would come to be known as the Music City Miracle and this weeks topic of discussion.