Fantasy Football Playoff Preparation: Handcuffs and Waiver Targets for all 32 Teams

As we head into week 11, it’s time to start preparing your team for a playoff push. If your team isn’t in contention, there are still reasons to keep trying.

Obviously, no one wants the humiliation of coming in last or the dreaded punishment that follows. You should also be playing for keeper value as well. This is why you shouldn’t give up on the waiver wire. A lottery ticket could pay out at any moment, and you could head into next years draft with a “2015 late season David Johnson” type of player. This article will go through each NFL team and suggest the proper handcuff to own for your RB1 (of course, some are obvious), as well as some potential waiver targets to give your team a little more depth.

Note: this article was written using ESPN league statistics. Some handcuff suggestions are 100% opinion-based.

Arizona Cardinals

RB1: Adrian Peterson

Handcuff: David Johnson

This is bold right out of the gate. A big injury and an equally as big of a trade got us to this point. We all know DJ is the guy in AZ, but while he’s still rehabbing that wrist, Peterson is the clear RB1 on a fairly depleted offense. If Johnson is still available, he may be a lottery pick-up as he could make a late-season comeback in the next few weeks. Even if you don’t own AP, you might want to take a shot on Johnson. His cast was removed this past Monday, he has mentioned that he wants to come back this year, and trainers have reportedly told him to dial down his workouts. It’s all speculation at this point, but the Cardinals have been feeding Peterson a lot. Could this mean they’re essentially working him to the bone while they wait for a healthy Johnson to come back and fully take over? It remains to be seen, but it’s a possibility. All aboard the DJ hype train. It could be leaving the station sooner than later.

Waiver target: Jermaine Gresham

This isn’t the most exciting waiver target, and certainly not worth burning a high priority waiver on, but Gresham has produced decent numbers in the last few weeks catching 7 balls for 87 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Atlanta Falcons

RB1: Devonta Freeman

Handcuff: Tevin Coleman

This is one of the more obvious must-own handcuffs in the league. Chances are if you have one of these studs, you probably don’t have the other because they’re valuable fantasy players in their own right. If you’re a Freeman owner (that’s an oxymoron), then you should at least try to make a decent trade to acquire your stud backup. Having a stud RB on a high powered offense will set you up nicely for a playoff push.

Waiver target: Austin Hooper

This guy is owned in only 50% leagues, which means you have a chance to pick him up. Hooper seems to be getting a good amount of targets every week and found pay dirt in 2 of his last 3 games. If he’s still on the wire, grab him for some nice depth at a disappointing TE position this year.

Baltimore Ravens

RB1: Buck Allen / Alex Collins

Handcuff: Danny Woodhead

The Baltimore backfield has been somewhat of a question mark ever since Ray Rice departed. Terrance West seemed to be “the guy,” though no one expected much from him. The past five weeks or so we have seen the backfield pretty evenly split between Allen and Collins. Each getting close to or more than 10 carries per game. However, they both combine for only 1 rushing TD on the year which makes them fairly expendable outside a flex spot. Danny Woodhead could be slated for a comeback any week now, and he is absolutely worth grabbing especially in a PPR format. He is also my waiver wire target for the Baltimore Ravens.

Waiver target: Danny Woodhead

His ownership % is rising, but he is still under 50% which makes him a great waiver pick up for a late season playoff run. I expect him to be utilized heavily once he is healthy enough to suit up.

Buffalo Bills

RB1: Lesean McCoy

Handcuff: Mike Tolbert

This is one of those handcuffs that is not absolutely essential to own. Tolbert might not even necessarily be the clear handcuff to own if McCoy goes down. His weekly usage is more than that of Patrick Dimarco, however should Shady get injured we could simply see his workload split into a committee that’s not worth a headache. If you’re a McCoy owner, consider grabbing Tolbert just in case he becomes the goal line back, if anything.

Waiver Target: Nathan Peterman

News broke today that QB Tyrod Taylor has been benched in favor of Peterman. The 5th round rookie was impressive in preseason and there was talk about him grabbing the starting job from the get-go. Peterman saw his first NFL regular season action last week during a blowout game, but he looked good. He went 7/10 with 79 yards and 1 TD in very limited action. Couple that with the newly acquired Kelvin Benjamin and Charles Clay returning to action and you just might find yourself a decent backup QB for the rest of the season.

Carolina Panthers

RB1: Jonathan Stewart

Handcuff: Christian McCaffrey

This almost seems backwards. Stewart gets the carries, which makes him the traditional lead running back, but CMc has been outproducing him almost all year. This, of course, is due to his pass catching abilities which make him a must-own and hard-to-acquire in all PPR formats. CMc is really the guy to own but if you have one of these guys, you might want to try and acquire the other to lock down the backfield of a recently surging Panthers offense.

Waiver target: Russell Shepard

Shepard is owned in <2% of leagues. With Curtis Samuel going down for the season, you might want to think about stashing Shepard. In Monday’s blowout win against the Dolphins, Shepard was targeted 7 times. The Panthers have looked dominant the past few weeks, and Shepard could potentially step right into the success.

Chicago Bears

RB1: Jordan Howard

Handcuff: Tarik Cohen

Cohen seemed like a must-have at the beginning of the year when he exploded onto the scene with some big games. However, his production has fallen in recent weeks and his ownership has dropped to almost 50%. If you’re a Howard owner and Cohen is available, he’s a must-have for your team. If he’s taken, try buying him from his current owner. His recent slip in production could help you out with that.

Waiver target: Dontrelle Inman

Newly acquired Dontrelle Inman made his presence felt this past week in his first game with the Bears. He seemed to establish an immediate connection with rookie QB Mitch Trubisky as he grabbed 6-of-8 targets for 88 yards. Inman is only owned in 3% of leagues, and looks like the new WR1 on a destroyed Chicago wideout corps.

Cincinnati Bengals

RB1: Joe Mixon

Handcuff: Gio Bernard

Jeremy Hill was placed on the IR this week after opting for season-ending injury. This makes Gio Bernard the new backup to rookie Joe Mixon. If you’re a Mixon owner, you should have no problem locking down your new handcuff, as he is owned in only 2.6% of leagues. Should Mixon go down with an injury, Gio should have no problem taking the bulk of the carries.

Waiver target: Tyler Kroft / Brandon LaFell

Kroft should be owned in more than 50% of leagues, but he’s not. That’s why I threw him in as a waiver target. He doesn’t put up healthy-Eifert numbers, but he’s a great play if your starter goes down. As for LaFell, he’s owned in 5% of leagues and may be worth a look if you need some WR depth on your bench. With AJ Green drawing the top cornerbacks, LaFell has seen a decent amount of targets. Just last week he ate a nice meal of 6-95-1.

Cleveland Browns

RB1: Isaiah Crowell

Handcuff: Duke Johnson

Much like Carolina, these two labels could be switched around based on production. However, Isaiah Crowell gets the bulk of the carries so he is considered the RB1. Even though it’s the Browns, both Crowell and Johnson have put up some good numbers this year. The volume is there for both, so if you acquire both for the playoffs, you might have yourself a good flex option or RB2 if absolutely necessary.

Waiver target: The one, the only: Josh Gordon.

The Browns are a mess of a team for the most part. But if you have the bench spot and the same hope and passion as ~300,000 Redditors, Gordon just might win you a championship. Pick him up while you still can in case he comes back for the last few games and puts up god-like numbers, like we all know he can. He’s owned in 25% of leagues.

Dallas Cowboys

RB1: Alfred Morris

Handcuff: Rod Smith

I’m scared just to bring this one up. Everyone seems torn on the issue of “who’s the guy when Zeke gets suspended?” On Reddit, I was personally downvoted into oblivion for simply asking “why is Darren McFadden considered the handcuff and not Morris?” towards the beginning of the season. Well the time has finally come and we got our answer last week. Morris took 11 carries to Smith’s 3 and DMC’s 1. At this point, there is no solid reason to consider Darren McFadden as the RB1 or the proper handcuff, as Rod Smith was also involved in the passing game. It’s an absolute mess of a situation without Zeke, and chances are your league has been picking up and dropping Morris/Smith/DMC all year long hoping to choose the right one. If you have one of these, the real move might be trading for Zeke if you can. He could be back for your league’s championship game, and depending on where he was drafted he might have some nice keeper value as well.

Waiver target: Rod Smith

This kind of seems like cheating throwing Smith in here as the handcuff and waiver target but since it’s such a weird situation, I think it’s the right call. He’s only owned in 16% of leagues so he’s widely available. While he might not get the bulk of the carries, he did snag 4 catches last week. His production could very well increase going forward.

Denver Broncos

RB1: CJ Anderson

Handcuff: Devontae Booker

It really is a bummer when Jamaal Charles isn’t even considered the proper handcuff running back on his team. The truth is, Booker is simply doing more with a similar amount of carries and passes thrown his way. Lately, he’s been outproducing CJ Anderson as well. This is yet another mess of a backfield that’s hard to predict but if you have CJA or Booker, look to acquire their counterpart for cheap.

Waiver target: Devontae Booker

Again, this feels like cheating. But Booker is owned in less than 10% of leagues. He’s probably the guy to own should CJ Anderson go down, and he’s involved in Denver’s passing game. Scoop him up if he’s available in your league.

Detroit Lions

RB1: Ameer Abdullah

Handcuff: Theo Riddick

The classic standard vs. PPR running back. Ameer gets the majority of carries, so he gets the RB1 designation. If you have one of these, look to acquire the other as the Detroit offense has looked good as of late (despite only winning 2 of their last 5 games).

Waiver target: Eric Ebron

I’m not a fan of Ebron at all, but since Detroit’s bye week, he’s put up modest yard totals and caught a touchdown pass last week. Grab him only if you’re desperate for a backup TE.

Green Bay Packers

RB1: Ty Montgomery

Handcuff: Jamaal Williams

This one is a bit of a question mark as TyMont has been battling with broken ribs for a while now. The fact he was ever allowed to play with broken ribs in the dirt place is mind-blowing, but here we are. With Aaron Jones going down with an MCL injury, Montgomery could easily take over his RB1 role should he remain healthy enough. If that’s not the case, look to acquire or pick up rookie Jamaal Williams. When Jones and Montgomery were knocked out of the game this past weekend, Williams toted the rock 20 times for 67 yards. His stock is rising, as his ownership shot up 44% since last week. If you own TyMont, grab Williams ASAP.

Waiver target: Aaron Jones

This is a bit of a reach, but while Williams’ stock is rising, Jones is being dropped in some leagues. He is expected to miss 3-6 week, so he could miss the rest of the fantasy season. However, if he makes a fast recovery, he could slide right back into that RB1 position he’s been in for a while now. If you have the bench spot, he could be a low-end lottery ticket for playoffs. However, with Aaron Rodgers out, the entire GB offense is a big question mark.

Houston Texans

RB1: Lamar Miller

Handcuff: D’Onta Foreman

Miller has been known as the RB1 both in Miami and Houston, but D’Onta Foreman has been breathing down his neck. He’s the no-question handcuff to own in Houston if you also own Miller. Foreman has oddly received double digit carries every other week this year and if Miller went down with an injury, He becomes the clear RB1.

Waiver target: C.J. Fiedorowicz

Owned in only 5% of leagues, this tight end was a solid play last year and looked to keep that going this year as he went 4-46 in week 1. He went down with an injury, and just came back last week. If Deshaun Watson was healthy, C.J.’s value would skyrocket, but with Tom Savage under center he’s just a decent flier. Houston usually likes to target their TE, though, so he might be worth the stash in case he develops a nice rapport with Savage.

Indianapolis Colts

RB1: Frank Gore

Handcuff: Marlon Mack

Marlon Mack is good. He looks ready to take over the RB1 role as soon as Gore is out of the picture. This makes him a must-own for Gore owners and maybe for anyone as a lottery ticket. Mack’s future looks bright and exciting. However, Gore is still trucking along. His numbers are underwhelming but the volume is there as he’s getting double digit carries almost every week.

Waiver target: Adam Vinatieri

Aside from TY Hilton, Gore, Mack and Doyle the Colts offense isn’t too exciting so a waiver target is hard to come by here. However, Indy has a BYE this week and Vinatierei hasn’t missed a FG since week 1. He could be a solid choice going forward depending on who you have now.

Jacksonville Jaguars

RB1: Leonard Fournette

Handcuff: Chris Ivory

Another handcuff discussion that tears us all apart. The first week Lenny missed due to injury, Ivory was the clear RB1 while receiving 17 carries to T.J. Yeldon’s 9. However, Yeldon busted some runs for big gains and turned his smaller share into much bigger production. JAX then went into a BYE week and Fournette was slated to return. He was benched and every Fantasy owner went into a frenzy trying to figure out who to pick up. The vast majority seemed to lean heavily on Yeldon because of his production 2 weeks prior. Ivory ended up getting 20 carries which leads one to believe he’s the clear handcuff to own if you’re looking for volume. Ivory is sometimes used in the JAX passing game, but Yeldon seems to get a few more balls tossed his way. Either has the chance to produce when Fournette is out but Ivory will get the initial nod.

Waiver target: Dede Westbrook

In 3/4 games this preseason, Westbrook lead the league with 298 receiving yards. Allen Hurns is slated to miss at least one week, so Westbrook has a great chance to be activated and immediately thrown into the WR2 slot. He’s currently owned in only 4% of leagues. Pick him up if you have a bench space to burn.

Kansas City Chiefs

RB1: Kareem Hunt

Handcuff: Charcandrick West

Everyone panicking about Hunt’s fall in production needs to take a deep breath and relax. He’s going to be just fine. He will not get you 20-45 points every week like he was to start the season, but he’s one of the most explosive and talented runners in the league. Andy Reid will have to realize that using Hunt = winning and not using Hunt = losing. That’s very black and white, but it’s essentially what’s going on in KC right now. There’s a good chance West is available in your league so if you own Hunt, you should absolutely pick him up as you gear up for playoffs.

Waiver target: Demarcus Robinson

The KC QB, RB1, WR1 and TE1 are all studs so a waiver target is going to be super shallow here. However, if you like the sound of involvement, Robinson could be your deep league stash. He was on the field for 98% of KC offensive snaps the game before the BYE, and he has potential to put up decent numbers. Alex Smith just needs to target him more.

Los Angeles Chargers

RB1: Melvin Gordon

Handcuff: Austin Ekeler

Gordon has been dominant this year, especially in PPR formats. But the recent emergence of Austin Ekeler has been raising some eyebrows. Before you panic, Ekeler is in no way challenging Gordon for the RB1 role. However his big game last week has safely placed him into handcuff status. He also earned himself the LAC waiver target as well.

Waiver target: Austin Ekeler

If he somehow snuck by your leagues waivers on Wednesday, you might want to think about grabbing Ekeler. Last week he proved he could churn out a big game, and his involvement in the passing game makes him and interesting player to monitor for the rest of the season. He is owned in 11% of leagues, but expect that to rise in the next few days.

Los Angeles Rams

RB1: Todd Gurley

Handcuff: Lance Dunbar

Malcolm Brown seemed to be the handcuff to own behind Gurley, but he’s expected to miss multiple weeks due to an MCL injury. This leaves us with Lance Dunbar, but unless you own Gurley AND have a bench spot to burn, Dunbar probably isn’t worth the stash. He got 5 carries last week, his first action of the season, and turned it into 31 yards. If Gurley goes down, maybe he’s worth a look but at this point, seek another lottery ticket.

Waiver target: Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp has been one of the best rookie wideouts this season. He hasn’t been jaw-dropping, but he’s being targeted enough to earn a spot on someone’s bench. Jared Goff has been shaping into a pretty good QB, and Kupp should continue to benefit from it. He’s owned in about 50% of leagues.

Miami Dolphins

RB1A: Kenyan Drake

RB1B: Damien Williams

You could switch these two around and I wouldn’t think twice about it. Drake gets the “a” designation because he’s been producing more than his counterpart in the absence of former RB Jay Ajayi, but both guys have potential to put up decent RB2/flex numbers ROS.

Waiver target: Kenny Stills

Stills is always there for you when you need a BYE week flier or injury fill in. He’s only owned in 26% of leagues and he’s been producing some decent numbers as of late. In the last 4 weeks, he’s hit or topped 65 yards 3 times and scored 2 touchdowns. He could be a decent stash if you’re hurting at WR.

Minnesota Vikings

RB1: Jerick McKinnon

Handcuff: Latavius Murray

McKinnon has stepped up big time in the absence of Dalvin Cook. He has become a must start RB on a high powered offense. He is heavily involved in the pass game as well, which makes his handcuff intriguing. Should McKinnon go down, all his volume needs to go somewhere. While Murray wouldn’t be expected to produce at the same level, he would certainly become valuable. If you own McKinnon, acquire Murray to lock down the backfield of a surging offense.

Waiver target: Case Keenum / Teddy Bridgewater

If you need a backup QB, you might want to take a shot on one of these guys. Keenum has looked solid lately. If he keeps it up, he could be a decent backup ROS. However, if he slips up, we could finally see the return of Teddy. Although he wasn’t a stud Fantasy QB per se, Bridgewater could walk right back onto the field with a plethora of weapons to choose from.

New England Patriots

RB1: Dion Lewis

Handcuff: James White

Trying to rank the NE backfield is truly what nightmares are made of. Please don’t be mad at me if this isn’t how you would rank the New England RB1 and handcuff. It’s just so hard to choose with the way Belichick utilizes everyone. Mike Gillislee was getting a good amount of production the first half of the season. However, he was a healthy scratch last week and seems to be no longer a sizable part of New England’s gameplan. Rex Burkhead received 10 carries, so White might not even be the proper handcuff here but they both seem to produce decent numbers when they’re involved. This is especially true in PPR as they’re both targeted in NE’s heavy passing game.

Waiver target: Rex Burkhead

In the past 3 games, Burkhead has received a total of 20 carries, 11 catches and 1 TD. While he’s not a must-own, he could be worth grabbing in case Bill ends up feeding Rex the rest of the season. He’s owned in 25% of leagues.

New Orleans Saints

RB1: Mark Ingram

Handcuff: Alvin Kamara

I feel so dirty and disrespectful calling Kamara a handcuff, but I have no choice. Since the Saints traded Adrian Peterson to AZ, Mark Ingram has truly and finally taken over the RB1 spot we’re used to seeing. That’s not to discredit Kamara, however. He’s carved out an enormous role in the NO offense for himself. If you own both, and some people were lucky enough to hold on, your RB/Flex spot is looking ridiculously good for the playoffs. If you own one or the other, you’re in a good spot but it’s highly unlikely you’ll acquire their counterpart without giving up a healthy sum., pub-1100396528751056, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Waiver target: Coby Fleener

If you’re not too excited about this waiver target, you’re not alone. He’s been a massive bust this year. But we all know that Fleener is capable of putting up some decent numbers and could be an okay backup to grab if you’ve been hit with injuries. He’s unsurprisingly owned in 18% of leagues.

New York Giants

RB1: Orleans Darkwa

Handcuff: Wayne Gallman

Darkwa has been a small spark of light on a dark and dreadful Giants offense. Since effectively taking over the starter role from Paul Perkins, Darkwa has produced borderline RB1/RB2 numbers. He’s become a solid flex play, but the porous effort of the Giants, as a team, is always in the back of your mind when you roll someone like Darkwa out. If you own him, you should be able to snag Gallman as a handcuff with no problem, should you choose to do so.

Waiver target: Tavares King

Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram dominate the Giants passing game, but if your WRs are depleted, think about taking a chance on King. In the past 2 weeks, he has 10 targets and 5 catches. King won’t win you a championship or even a week, but his involvement could surely be increased in the coming weeks. The giants seem to always be playing from behind so the looks will be there.

New York Jets

RB1: Matt Forte

Handcuff: Bilal Powell

To be honest, I think the Jets should roll with Powell as their RB1 every week, but the volume has been there for Forte when healthy. Should Forte be shut down for the season for any reason, look for Powell to slide into the RB1 spot while Elijah McGuire lurks behind. In any case, it’s hard to see which of the 3 will produce for your fantasy team on any given week.

Waiver target: Jermaine Kearse

Kearse is being dropped in some leagues, as his ownership has now dipped below 43%. This makes sense as his production has slipped the past few weeks. However, Josh McCown has been a great QB on a team no one though would win a single game this year and Kearse hasn’t been all that bad. He hasn’t exploded for big points in any week, but he’s capable of putting up modest flex/WR2 points if you need a BYE week/injury replacement.

Oakland Raiders

RB1: Marshawn Lynch

Handcuff: Jalen Richard / Deandre Washington

One of the toughest handcuffs to name in the league. These two are ranked one-after-the-other which means there’s no clear choice. Should you own Marshawn and he gets injured or suspended again (come on, man!), you could essentially flip a coin and take a chance on either Richard or Washington. They’re both targeted in the passing game as well so, truly, no one has a leg up on the other.

TRADE target: Amari Cooper

After Carr, Crabtree, Lynch and Cook, there is really no one on the Raiders worth stashing unless you want to take a chance on one of the backup running backs. This leads to the trade target of Cooper. Obviously Cooper hasn’t done much aside from his 210 yard game in week 7 but the volume is there. He’s averaging 4.8 catches/game and he has that big play potential we saw in week 7 and all last year. You might be able to buy him for cheap in hopes he turns it on in the last leg of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles

RB1: Jay Ajayi

Handcuff: LeGarrette Blount

Another fairly tough handcuff choice, but Blount was chosen due to the season volume and goal line potential. Smallwood and Clement are there but should Ajayi go down, Blount would most likely slide right back into the RB1 spot in Philly. If you were fortunate enough to hold onto Ajayi this year, you may be able to buy your new handcuff for cheap. Lock down the backfield of one of the best teams in the league.

Waiver target: Jake Elliott

Hear me out. I understand he’s probably being held even through his BYE week. But if Jake Elliott has been dropped in your league (his ownership has fallen 11% since last week due to his BYE) you need to pick him up. This is a phenomenal kicker on, again, one of the best offenses in the league. From week 3 to now, he has yet to end a game with single digit fantasy points.

Pittsburgh Steelers

RB1: Le’veon Bell

Handcuff: James Conner

One of the most useless jobs on Earth is being the backup RB in PIT. That’s obviously a joke, but Bell is so good at what he does, there is no way anyone can compete with him there. If you own Bell and haven’t picked up Conner yet, you might want to think about doing so as you get closer to playoffs. Should Bell go down, Conner could still provide big numbers with more volume.

Waiver target: Martavis Bryant

Before the season started, Bryant was slated for a big role in the Pittsburg offense. Sadly, it didn’t really work out, and with the emergence of JuJu, Martavis is merely a boom-or-bust play. The fact that he’s capable of the “boom” makes him a decent pickup in deeper leagues.

San Fransico 49ers

RB1: Carlos Hyde

Handcuff: Matt Breida

Hyde has been great on an underwhelming 49ers team that just got their first win of the season last week against the equally horrible NY Giants. Matt Breida has been breathing down his neck all year. This is not to say he’s going to overthrow Hyde for the starting role, but if you own Hyde, you might want to pick up Breida sooner rather than later. The NFL Trade Deadline has passed, so Hyde won’t be dealt this season, but the struggling 49ers could toss Breida some bones seeing as they won’t be making the playoffs. Couple that with the potential for Garoppolo to take over at QB and Breida becomes a valuable handcuff, if not a high risk flex play.

Waiver target: Marquise Goodwin

I was surprised to see Goodwin owned in only 10% of leagues after his big game against NY last week. He has big play potential and may be getting a sizable upgrade at QB. He’s an excellent stash and a decent flex play if you pay attention to matchups.

Seattle Seahawks

RB1: Thomas Rawls

Handcuff: J.D. McKissic

It was difficult choosing between Lacy and McKissic but McKissic seems to be getting more involved than Lacy as of late. While Lacy is capable of taking the majority of carries if Rawls get injured again, McKissic has been getting carries AND targets in the passing game. Personally, I want nothing to do with this backfield but Russell Wilson has been steamrolling lately which makes a pass-catching RB pretty attractive.

Waiver target: Paul Richardson

Richardson and Lockett produce similar stats behind WR1 Doug Baldwin, but Richardson has 5 TD on the year compared to Lockett’s 0. Richardson is also owned in less leagues than Lockett which makes him a decent pickup for bench WR depth. Again, Wilson has really turned it on this year so any SEA WR has the chance to put up some big numbers on any given week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

RB1: Doug Martin

Handcuff: Peyton Barber

It weird, at the beginning of the year Jacquizz Rodgers was the clear RB1 while Martin served his suspension. Since Martin has come back, however, Peyton Barber (and Charles Sims to an extent) seems to be gaining traction in a disappointing TB offense. Barber’s 11 carries in a blowout loss to the Saints in week 9 was reason enough to scratch the head as they almost completely abandoned star RB Doug Martin. With the season potentially slipping away, it wouldn’t be outrageous for head coach Dirk Koetter to throw Barber out there more to shake things up.

Waiver target: Chris Godwin

Like most of these targets, Godwin should probably only be picked up in deeper leagues. His production on the year has been nonexistent besides this past week. Against the Jets, Godwin had 5 catches for 68 yards. This production came in the absence of suspended WR Mike Evans, but he’s certainly worth a look in dynasty leagues, as he proved he can step up if he has to.

Tennessee Titans

RB1: Demarco Murray

Handcuff: Derrick Henry

It’s too bad, really, that if either one of these guys got 20 carries a game they would both put up big numbers. But since they’re both eating into each other’s workload, owners are left with some modest production. Both Murray and Henry have shown they can explode any given week, which is why Henry is a must-own handcuff for Murray owners. As Murray gets older, Henry could take over the TEN backfield sooner rather than later. Acquire him in all dynasty and keeper leagues for sure.

Waiver target: Corey Davis

This might seem obvious to some, but Davis is only owned in about a third of fantasy leagues. He lead the Titans in targets last week with 10 looks and fumbled at the goal line. Expect his usage and production to increase and grab him while you still can.

Washington Redskins

RB1: Chris Thompson

Handcuff: Samaje Perine

Although RB Rob Kelley was getting the majority of carries before going down for the season last week, Thompson has been the guy to own in Washington all year. Thompson wasn’t receiving many carries but he’s heavily used in the passing game and turns his targets into good production. Now that Kelley is out of the picture, Thompson and Perine should both see an uptick in their workload. If you own Thompson, look to pick up Perine immediately, as he’s only owned in about 16% of leagues. That percentage will surely rise in the next few days.

Waiver target: Samaje Perine

If you don’t own Thompson, you still might want to look into picking up Perine. The rookie is slated for a bigger workload going forward with primary RB Rob Kelley going down, and Washington has already given him 2 games of over 18 carries this year. During those 2 games, he turned 40 carries into just over 100 yards which isn’t exciting. What is exciting is the potential volume coming his way and the opportunity to turn it into big points. Stash him for some RB depth if you can.

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