What We’ve Learned So Far In The 2017 MLB Season

It’s still pretty early to get a good pulse of how the season will end up. It is after all, only May. As of right now, here’s a few things we’ve seen so far:

1) Washington appears to be the best team in the National League

Offensively, the Nationals are the league leader in nearly every category. Ryan Zimmerman is looking like the League MVP and the rest of the team is no slouch. Bryce Harper looks like his old self and could also be an MVP candidate.

Pitching hasn’t been great, but the Nationals do what they need to do to win games. There’s every reason to believe Washington has a real chance to represent the NL in the World Series.

2) The Giants are in trouble

San Francisco is having more difficulty than any other team right now with finding ways to win not only games, but series’.

They lost the one player they couldn’t afford to lose, Madison Bumgarner, to a motorcycle injury of all things. They are hitting near the bottom and they have blown leads.

It’s still early, but this looks like a year the Giants take a year off from contending for a playoff spot.

3) The Rockies are for real

The Rockies were my surprise pick to make noise this year, but they have exceeded the expectations of…

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