Ode To Baseball

Baseball is back in full-swing (get it?) and this season I ask one thing, let’s all take a breath and just appreciate the greatest game there ever was, and acknowledge one simple truth: Baseball is magic.

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Whether you love the Red Sox, the Mariners, the Cubs, or the Giants is irrelevant. What matters is the game – the smell of the grass, the soft hum of the lights, and the crack of the bat that puts goose bumps on your neck. It’s the little kids staring wide-eyed at their first visit to the yard and the dedicated ballpark warriors that haven’t missed a home stand. Yearly it brings together roughly 73 million people to enjoy a game (and that’s just in the ballpark). 

Baseball is the perfect combination of luck and skill. It’s a round, spinning ball hitting a round, swinging bat in ballparks of no specific dimensions. The better team doesn’t always win, the best batter is not always the hero, and the unknown rookie can project his name into the history books with the flick of his wrist. It’s a team sport, and yet every pitch begins as a one versus one, pitcher versus batter. The magic is you can’t always win, and yet there’s always hope. In baseball you can’t run down the clock, you can’t hold the ball and drag out the game. You have to play. Until that third out is called your team is in the game. It’s poetry.  It’s the come from behind wins, the walk-off grand slams, the robbed home runs, and the no-hitters that have captivated me and thousands of others like me. 

So in the spirit of the season, yes, cheer for your team. Cheer them on for all you’re worth. Celebrate the wins, begrudgingly accept the losses, but at the end of the day take a look back at those miserable 152 days that we go without it and just appreciate the greatest game on Earth. 

That being said…go Yankees.


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