WWE Monday Night RAW 3/27/17

Tonight’s Monday Night RAW broadcasts live from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. This is the final RAW before Wrestlemania this Sunday, April 2nd.  We begin with the normal kickoff followed by a cryptic Undertaker video which then leads into the big pyro kickoff. We have a hold harmless agreement contract meet between HHH and Seth Rollins and WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg to meet Brock Lesnar in the squared circle.

WWE RAW women’s champion Bayley kicks us off this week coming to the ring. She comes and speaks about her childhood dream of fighting at Wrestlemania and is shortly interrupted by Charlotte Flair. Charlotte belittles Bayley and speaks about how Sasha Banks was never really her friend. This was enough lure for Sasha to hit the ring to interrupt Flair. Nia Jax, tired of hearing the other 3 argue, comes out and we have all 4 contenders for the women’s title this Sunday. Sasha attacks Flair which prompts Bayley to jump on Nia Jax’s back and we have a brawl.

After the commercial break we’re back for a 2-2 tag-team match. Bayley & Sasha vs. Charlotte and Nia. It’s a back and forth match until the end when everything breaks down. Nia & Sasha fall out of the ring in a brawl. We have Bayley and Charlotte in the ring.Jax has Sasha up for a ringpost toss but Sasha slides down and we’re down a woman. Banks climbs the apron to catch a leg from Charlotte, but Bayley catches Flair with the Bayley to belly finisher. Nia after the match squashes all 3 women and grabs the title and hoists it in the air in awe. We might be seeing the future of the women’s division.

We are followed by a recap of the damage done via HHH to Seth Rollins two weeks ago. He was absolutely dominated and destroyed with a crutch. A video of Mick Foley being fired last week which leads into Sami Zayn backstage. Sami announces he’s joining the annual Andre the Giant battle royal at WM! But wait not so fast, Stephanie McMahon interrupts and verbally destroys Foley a bit more who must be watching at home. She informs Sami if he wants to compete in the battle royal that he must win a no disqualification match versus Kevin Owens tonight on RAW!

The crusierweight champion Neville joins the announce table before the Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox match. A few small impact moves with Aries using the time to threaten Neville from the ring. Austin with The Last Chancery for the win.

We are shown a recap of HHH talking to Michael Cole last week about the hold harmless agreement idea for a match with Rollins at WM. Rollins is shown walking to the ring in the back with kneebrace and crutch intact. We have the contract signing for the Hold Harmless agreement match. Rollins the Kingslayer hits the ring first and gathers on one side of the table followed by HHH the King of Kings on the other side. Rollins talks about how he gave up the Shield to join HHH years ago and how it cost him his friendships. Seth explains it’s not revenge, it’s redemption this Sunday for the poor decision he made. HHH with the table kick on the already hurt knee of Rollins. He’s hurt, but wait, spinning heel kick from Rollins, he’s going for the Pedigree! HHH reversed, we’re trading blows and HHH is backdropped over the top. HHH slides back in to catch a crutch from Rollins and that’s all he needs to wait on this Sunday.

Next, Big Show is in the ring for an over the top rope challenge to warm us up for the Andre the Giant battle royal this Sunday. Jinder Mahal is the first competitor and is quickly dismissed. Bo Dallas to the ring and easily tossed by Show. Shining Stars are next out (yep both of them) and go for the double team and are easily disposed of with a backdrop over the ropes to the hard floor below. Curtis Axel, Goldust, & R-Truth all hit the ring at the same time. It looks like some team work to get rid of Show. Wait! All the previously eliminated superstars are back in ring and help bring down Show. It’s going to take all 7 of them and that’s if they’re lucky! Big Show is overpowered and dumped over the rope by the ramp which enrages the giant of a man. He slides right back into the ring and hits Jinder with a choke slam, the big right hand down Bo Dallas, choke slam on Axel, double choke slam on the Shining Stars! Goldust and R-Truth have seen enough, they bow out and live to fight another day. Braun Strowman comes out and says he could kick Big Show’s a$$ right now if he wanted! But that’s what the people want so he’s going to wait til Sunday.

We see a recap of Big Cass and Enzo beating the tag teams champions Anderson & Gallows last week. Backstage we have A&G talking about how stupid Cass & Enzo and how after WM they will still be the RAW tag-team champions. We are shown another cryptic video of the Undertaker putting dirt on a fresh grave.

Roman Reigns is backstage talking and says he doesn’t believe in dead men. He says he’ll go to the ring later and tell the whole world what he’s going to do to the Undertaker. The New Day opens the New York Stock Exchange today and makes rounds around Philadelphia today to promote WM. Cesaro & Sheamus are backstage talking about their match this Sunday when Anderson & Gallows attack and assault them with a ladder. Strong showing by the tag team champions.

The Crusierweight champion Neville comes out for his match. He’s taking on Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Neville asserts dominance early. Gentleman Jack with a bit of showboating and flashy moves but Neville quickly regains control. Head to head collision, both superstars are down. Gentlemen Jack is up and grabs William the third (his umbrella) and hits a body press. We’re back in the ring, Neville pulls Jack face first into the middle turnbuckle. Superkick to Jack. Neville brings him to the top rope for the superplex followed right into The Rings of Saturn. Jack submits and still champion, Neville!

Austin Aries backstage with The New Day. Aries asks them who they believe will be WWE Crusierweght champion this Sunday? After some dancing, ND endorses Aries. Roman is walking backstage. Al Roker will be the special guest ring announcer this Sunday for the Cena/Nikki vs. Miz/Maryse ring.

Roman Reigns comes to the ring and talks about winning the Royal Rumble in 2015 here in Philadelphia. He went on to headline WM twice he brags! Reigns is not liked by this crowd much. He says his match with the Undertaker is going to be the biggest match of his career and he’s going to put him down. This is Roman’s yard. The Undertaker’s gong hits! Taker tells him he’s made a grave mistake. Taker says the ring is his yard. He says the graveyard is Roman’s yard. He’s carved out a special place in hell for him. We are shown Taker with a shovel. This Sunday the Roman empire will fall and the ultimate thrill ride will be your last ride. Reigns has a tombstone made already! Reigns is back in the arena and it’s dark. The lights come back on and Taker’s behind him! Reign stares him down and Taker says at WM you will rest in peace.

Big Cass & Enzo Amore come out next with Enzo running around the ring like a maniac. Enzo says this Sunday, they’ll claim tag-team gold. Anderson & Gallows come out and are hit from behind with a ladder by Cesaro & Sheamus. C & S hit the ring and brawl with Big Cass & Enzo. Big Cass begins to destroy Cesaro & Sheamus before Anderson & Gallows take back control. Carnage everywhere!

Kevin Owens backstage talking about his match tonight with Sami Zayn. Kevin says at one time he was a huge Jerchio fan when he was younger but that’s because he was a moron back then. He ripped apart Jerchio’s list just like he will Sami tonight. He’s going to take his entire career away from him. We’re approaching K.O. Mania 2! It’s going to be Jericho’s demise this Sunday when they meet for the U.S. Championship.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn is our next matchup. These two have history that goes back since they were young men. It doesn’t take long before these two are brawling in the crowd. They’re all over the arena, we’re on the ramp. Sami does a running dive off the ramp onto Owens. We’re back from commercial and K.O. with the D.D.T. on the steel steps to Zayn. Body splash from steps onto Zayn. Back into the ring, we have a 2 count. Relentless clothesline in the corner from Owens. Kevin runs from the other corner but Sami catches him and arm hook suplex. On the outside, Zayn runs and through the ringpost with the tornado DDT on Owens. Back into the ring and Owens catches him with a superkick for the 2 count, kickout. Owens with the frogsplash for the 2 count! Owens goes for pop-up powerbomb but Zayn counters with blue thunder bomb. 2 count! Samoa Joe is here! He grabs a chair but Jerchio’s music hits! Jerchio from behind, he attacks Joe and takes the chair to Joe. Owens is distracted, Zayn with the rollup for the victory! Jerchio hits the ring for some chair pops on Owens. Kevin Owens……..you just made the LIST!

Brock Lesnar is the first to ring accompanied by Paul Heyman.  Heyman begins to talk for his client BROCK LESNAR! Heyman claims Lesnar lusts after the Universal Championship and wants to reclaim what’s rightfully his. After more banter, Goldberg is on the way to the ring from the backstage area.  Lesnar paces awaiting his arrival in the ring. Goldberg appears through the flames on the ramp and the pyro explodes! They go to fight in the aisle, Goldberg with the spear and Lesnar’s down! Goldberg reigns supreme as RAW goes off the air!



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