Does Assassin’s Creed break the video game curse? In a word: No

Movies based on video games seldom (if ever) go over well with audiences, and unfortunately Assassin’s Creed does nothing to fix this disheartening trend.  With a solid cast anchored by Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, Assassin’s Creed had all the promise that it would finally break through and give us a successful video game movie. Instead, it left me wanting nothing to do with the Assassin’s Creed name at all.  



Oh my, where do I begin?  When making a movie based on a video game or series it can be hard to fit all of the details into the film and that’s to be expected but Assassin’s Creed fails to do so in spectacular fashion. The movie does an okay job at explaining some of the backstory to the characters involved but leaves out a good chunk of the technology they use…and that’s what makes everything work!  I often found myself confused and asked my girlfriend (who played through the series) to explain things to me and she was every bit as lost at times because it was different than the series storylines at times. All this aside, I hope the rumors of a TV series are true because the Assassin’s Creed storylines are intriguing and a TV series would be able to dive into all the different backstories and timelines with enough time to fully explain it all.  

Grade: 0.5/2.5


The acting in Assassin’s Creed was overall solid, but not enough to save the horrible writing that hindered the movie.  Both Fassbender and Cotillard turn in good performances but nothing too spectacular, and the supporting cast did just as good of a job moving the plot along. To be fair to the cast, they could have very well just been dealt a terrible hand with the writing as that seems to be the case.  

Grade: 1.5/2.5


Special Effects:

Overall, the special effects were fairly underwhelming for Assassin’s Creed but some of that can be accredited to the nature of the movie itself.  Without needing to portray huge gun fights or laser filled action sequences like many other blockbuster movies these days, the special effects that were used seemed clunky at times. Sometimes, over the top special effects can distract us from sub par stories but Assassin’s Creed is not one of those times.

Grade: 1/2.5



Much like the special effects involved in Assassin’s Creed, the cinematography left much to be desired. Unlike the special effects, the cinematography had some absolutely stunning shots at moments that were top of the line but they were few and far between. A lot of the fight scenes were too choppy and didn’t flow well at all with the way the shots were set up and it took away from the intensity of the sequence.  

Grade: 1.5/2.5



Overall, I was very disappointed by Assassin’s Creed after being excited to finally see it after it released on DVD this past week. The common issue with video game to movie transitions remained true. There was just too much left out of the story that left myself and others confused for most of the movie. Decent acting and cinematography paired with sub par special effects were not enough to make up for the atrocious writing this time. That being said, I stated above that I have high hopes for the rumored Assassin’s Creed TV series and that remains true. I hope the TV series is a success so we can stop this slaughter of good video game series on the big screen.

Grade: 4.5/10, pub-1100396528751056, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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    • I will agree with that. It was one of the better ones and I’d probably watch it again if it was on.

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