5 Guys I’ll Never Have on My Roster Again

I talk a big game, but I’m sure one of these guys will end up on my roster because they were the best available at the time. I’ll hate myself for drafting them and I’ll hate myself any time I have to start them. Here are the guys that I have black balled from my fantasy roster for the foreseeable future.

1. Lamar Miller RB, Houston Texans – Ugh….Lamar Fucking Miller. This guy has ended up on my roster several times over the years and he’s caused me much stress. The good news is, he’s a starter in the National Football League. The value is there because opportunity is everything. The bad news is, he’s a starter in the National Football League. He is/was the #1 running back on every team he’s been on which is great. But his inconsistency and injuries are what do him in. When he is on, he can get you a ton of points and win your week. Don’t be surprised, though, when he puts up 2 the next and you lose your week because of it. Last season, Lamar Miller was considered by many to be one of the top 5 running backs and was consistently drafted in the 1st and 2nd round. He was the 16th ranked RB when the season was done. Isaiah Crowell scored more points in standard scoring than Lamar Miller did.

2. Latavius Murray RB, Minnesota Vikings – With his move to Minnesota, he’s definitely on my list of guys that I will never draft…again. Murray’s big selling point last season was his 12 touchdowns. However, he failed to even break 800 yards. He was lucky to be in an offense that gave him those touchdown opportunities. Similar to Miller, this guy could win you your week if you happened to start him in one of his multiple touchdown games. But the very next week, nothing. It would be like he wasn’t even playing. I think he will have a harder time crossing the goal line that many times in Minnesota. For that reason, I will be staying away from Murray next season.

3. Deandre Hopkins WR, Houston Texans – My opinion on this may change if Romo ends up in Houston. Hopkins has been plagued by bad quarterbacks since he was drafted by the Texans. Everyone knows the skill set of this guy and because of this, he’s consistently drafted high. Besides 2015, where he was the 6th ranked WR in fantasy, he never lives up to those expectations. In 2016, he was the ranked 36th at his position. A direct correlation with the Texans signing Brock “Bye Felicia” Osweiler. 2015 was his money year. 6th in fantasy points scored. Hoyer, who’s really not a bad QB, was his QB a majority of the year. If the QB situation does not change in Houston this offseason, Hopkins will remain on my “do not draft” list.

4. Keenan Allen WR, Los Angeles Chargers – Keenan Allen is one of those guys that is heavily sought after and highly drafted but since his rookie year, has not lived up to expectations. This is mostly because he can’t stay healthy. His fantasy output has dropped every year since his rookie year. Last season was supposed to be his year but was injured and out for the year after just one game. The season before, he only played 8 games because of a lacerated spleen. He has not played a full season since his rookie year. Because of this, I can’t trust having him on my roster and I definitely won’t draft him unless he falls really far.

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5. Eli Manning QB, New York Giants – I’ve never been a huge fan of Eli Manning ever since he held the Chargers hostage back when he was coming into the draft. However, I’ve really disliked him in fantasy because he throws so many damn interceptions. Did you know that he has thrown double digit interceptions every single season except for his rookie year, where he only threw 9…..but he only had 6 touchdowns that year. I’ve stayed away from him just because of the interceptions alone. He has had some good years, you can’t deny that, but you could also very well be stuck with a game where he scores in the single digits because of interceptions. He’s only been a fantasy top 10 quarterback 3 times in his 13 year career. No thanks. Stay off my roster.


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