A Tale as Old as Time: Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s latest live action remake broke records at the box office and let kids of the 90’s, like myself, relive the nostalgia of all their childhood memories.

Story: The story of Beauty and the Beast is a fan favorite fairytale that leads Belle (Emma Watson) out of her small country side village into a cursed castle where all of the inhabitants were turned into décor and the prince (Dan Stevens) was turned into a beast. The nice part about the remake is that a lot of the missing plot and details from the original movie were filled in. This gave the story a stronger back bone. We learn about what happened to Belle’s mother, we learn why the prince is so mean, and we also know that the spell made all the villagers forget about the existence of the castle.

Grade: 2.0/2.5

Acting: The portrayals of all the characters were very well done. Emma Watson was a perfect casting for Belle, as well as Josh Gadd for the role of Le Fou. Even the voice casting for Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere, and others was spot on. All of the famous songs that the movie is known for make a return, along with some new ones. The remakes of the songs kept it original, but added in a modern flare. There are even some new comedic one liners that were added in for some laughter.

Grade: 2.0/2.5

Special Effects: Beauty and the Beast special effects were fantastic. I mean, when a movie is centered around a giant beast and talking household items, it’s pretty important you make that look good. The castle really takes you into the environment and makes you enjoy every detail of the rooms, from the library stacked with books to the ceiling, to the ballroom where they have their first dance, to even the kitchen where they cook up a meal for their guest. Seeing how real the special effects were, seemed to pull me into the moment and never once did I think, ‘this looks cheesy’.

Grade: 2.5/2.5

Cinematography: The cinematography was done very well to capture the era of when this story was meant to take place. I did not like how the movie portrayed the prince with his powdered white face and white wig. That may have been put into the movie to show how high class and uppity he was before he was cursed. The dancing and singing is common in any Disney movie, I was afraid it might have more of a musical vibe, but they didn’t over do it.

Grade: 2.0/2.5

Conclusion: Overall, Beauty and the Beast was entertaining and brought me back to my childhood, if only just for two hours. It was very well done all across the board and it is a must see. This is the third Disney classic movie to be redone as live action, and with the success of them so far, I’m sure there will be plenty more to come in the future.

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Grade: 8.5/10

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