Free Agency Fantasy Roundup – Week 2

The 2nd week of NFL free agency is winding down and there were a handful of signings around the league that could have some fantasy impact….but mostly not. It’s been a slow week in free agency, with the biggest signing being Eddie Lacy (barf). So let’s take a quick look at what we got.

Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles
I remember the year after his amazing 2013 season, I was targeting Foles as my must have QB. I knew that would allow me to bypass any of the big name QBs early in the draft. I grabbed Foles late in the draft that year and I thought I got away with murder. I was wrong. So wrong. That strategy screwed my whole season. He only played half the season and was not near as good as he was the season prior. I’ve been off the Foles train ever since. Foles should not be on anyone’s radar in 2017 because he’s not that good and he’s also coming in as a back up.

Cordarrelle Patterson – Oakland Raiders
Who remembers the year after Cordarelle’s rookie year? He was supposed to be THE guy to draft. The new hotness. I even picked him up thinking he was going to be great in 2014. I, and everyone else, was really wrong. Nothing has really changed since then. Last season, he was the 81st ranked WR in standard scoring, averaging a really low 3.5 points a game. He may be worth a spot in deeper leagues, but in my opinion, he’s not worth a roster spot. Especially going to Oakland where he will likely be the third wheel to Crabtree and Cooper. Not to mention Jared Cook.

Eddie Lacy – Seattle Seahawks
Where to start, where to start…..well, Eddie Lacy is a Seahawk now. So there’s that. But what does that mean for him as far as fantasy value? That’s a tough one because we have no idea how the Seahawks plan on using him. Plus, we all know how awesome the Seahawks line has been. He also joins Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise in a crowded backfield. Rawls was a guy everyone was excited for last season but he couldn’t stay healthy if his life depended on it. Prosise looked really good in the small sample size we had, but he was also injured and out for the year. Lacy has had weight issues and he hasn’t played since week 7 of last season. So it’s really hard to say what’s going to happen in Seattle. I was one of the lucky ones that ended up with him on my roster last season. That was enough for me to never want to draft him again….ever. Now that’s the truth more than ever. I’d hold off on acquiring Lacy at the moment.

Jared Cook – Oakland Raiders
I’m really loving Jared Cook in Oakland’s offense next season. The Raiders didn’t really involve tight ends in their offense much last season. With the addition of Cook, I believe that Carr will be looking for him often if plays break down. Despite what I believe is a perfect fit for him, I would consider him to be a TE2 moving in to next season., pub-1100396528751056, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Latavius Murray – Minnesota Vikings
I’ve never been really high on Murray. I hated having him on my roster because I felt like I had to play him. He could put up 3 touchdowns for you, but he could also put up 30 yards and 0 touchdowns. Now, with his move to Minnesota, I’m definitely not touching him. No Minnesota running back averaged more than 6 points a game in standard scoring last season. I will be continuing my vendetta against Latavius Murray next season and will be avoiding drafting him.

Geno Smith – New York Giants
Last season Geno Smith scored just 8 fantasy points in standard scoring, but he only appeared in 2 games. Smith has largely been pretty terrible in real life and fantasy football. He now goes to New York where he will play behind Eli Manning. In other words, he will most likely see the field just as much as he did last year and possibly even less. He’s not worth a roster spot unless something happens to Eli and even then, I’m not too sure I’d pick him up.

EJ Manuel – Oakland Raiders
Nothing to see here. Manuel scored a grand total of 5 fantasy points last season. That should not change next year as he will be playing behind Derek Carr and is unlikely to see any playing time unless Carr is injured again.

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