Spring Training Players to Watch After Week 2

Another week of Spring Training is in the books, so let’s take a look at some of the players who have shown promise and others who are still looking for theirs.  If you missed last week’s list, you can find it here.

On the Rise:

A.J. Reed, 1B Astros

Houston, we have liftoff.  Reed launched three home runs last week and four in the month of March, all while batting .360 so far this spring.  Reed’s .316 career average in the minors suggests the high average won’t stay around but should remain well above the awful .164 he batted last season in the majors.  It wouldn’t be surprising for Reed to hit close to 30 home runs this year.

Ryon Healy, 3B Athletics

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A breakout star from the second half of last season, Healy is picking up this spring where he left off last season.  Healy is slugging .800 this spring, racking up extra base hits, all while striking out at a 18% K/AB clip which is a hair lower than his 21% rate in the majors last season.  Healy has a very good chance to be a major contributor for the Athletics this season.

Ken Giles, RP Astros

100 miles Giles’ career seems to be back on the road so far this spring.  It may still be early, but the defense behind Giles seems to be much better than last season.  The strikeout and WHIP are around the norm and the K/BB rate has seen improvement.  Again it’s still early, but this is great news to keep an eye on for the Astros closer.

Need Improvement:

Joey Gallo, 1B Rangers

Once a top 10 prospect, Gallo has yet to find big league success and this spring is no different.  Gallo can’t stop striking out and is not doing much when he does make contact either.  Still striking out in over 50% of his at bats, Gallo needs to get the bat on the ball to have any hope of being a successful big league player.

Anibal Sanchez, SP Tigers

This spring, much like the past few seasons, has not been kind to Sanchez.  If Sanchez can’t keep the ball in the park, his time in the majors is limited to say the least.  Four home runs and an ERA closing in on 20 so far this spring is nowhere near where Sanchez needs to be to show signs of turning things around.

Matt Cain, SP Giants 

Like Anibal Sanchez, Cain is a former Cy Young hopeful who’s career has been rocky as of late to say the least.  While Cain hasn’t gotten hit as hard as others this spring, he is still far from his career years.  Cain has a 9.58 ERA and 1.84 WHIP this spring, effectively putting the nail in Cain’s Ace Status coffin, if not rotation spot.



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