Adrian Peterson’s Fantasy Outlook and his Potential Landing Spots

As an NFL football player, I’ve always loved AP. From a fantasy standpoint, I can’t stand him. Anytime I’ve ever managed to get Peterson on my roster, he’s been the absolute worst. Last year, I was ecstatic that I was able to draft him on one of my teams. 4 points later and less than 2 games into the season, he was done. Awesome. I still think he has some fantasy value moving forward, but it really depends on which team he ultimately ends up with.

Minnesota Vikings: There’s still a chance that AP sticks with the Viking next season, but I think that is very unlikely. If he were to sign with them, I don’t think his fantasy value will be very high unless the Vikings address the offensive line through free agency and the draft. Sticking with the Vikings would make him a RB2 in 2017., pub-1100396528751056, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks were one of the teams that Adrian Peterson was apparently interested in playing for. Much like the Vikings though, they need serious offensive line help. With Rawls on the roster and Prosise coming back off injury, it’s somewhat of a crowded backfield. In the unlikeliness that this happens, AP would be a high RB2.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers have been rumored to be letting go of veteran running back Jonathon Stewart this offseason. One of the biggest areas of concern for the Panthers last year was their running game. Stewart was often injured and Fozzy Whitaker and Cameron Artis-Payne didn’t do much to help the offense. Also, the Panthers run primarily out of the shotgun, which Peterson is not accustomed to. I highly doubt that Peterson ends up here, but if he were to sign with the Panthers, it would be a nice fit despite running out of shotgun. I see him at a low RB1 in Carolina.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay was not the best rushing team last season and a lot of that had to do with the injuries to Doug Martin. We also saw flashes of greatness from Jacquizz Rodgers as a fill in. Doug Martin will start out the season on suspension for the first 4 games and there have also been rumors that the Bucs may release Martin. From a fantasy standpoint, I would love it if Peterson ended up here. Winston has been really improving the passing game and with the addition of Desean Jackson opposite of Mike Evans, the running game would be wide open for Peterson. Peterson is an RB1 in Tampa Bay.

New England Patriots: Though this rumor has mostly been debunked, we will talk about it just for the sake of discussion. I think that AP would most likely take up the position that opened up with Blount leaving. Blount is not a fantastic running back but he put up large fantasy numbers because of opportunity, as in lots of goal line opportunities. AP would have those same opportunities and more in New England. He would be a RB1 in New England

Dallas Cowboys: For the life of me, I could not understand why this was a rumored landing spot for Adrian Peterson. Why would Jerry Jones bring in Peterson when he already has Zeke on the roster? Why would Peterson go to Dallas and play as a backup? That is exactly what will happen if Peterson goes to Dallas. He will be the backup to Zeke and also a change of pace back. If he ends up in Dallas, I think he is a low RB2/high RB3.

New York Giants: This is another team that AP had singled out as a team he would like to play for. The Giants already added a Brandon Marshall to play opposite of Odell which really takes the pressure of the run game. The Giants seem like a perfect fit and much like Bucs, they didn’t have a solid running game last season. Adding AP would really help this offense and not make it so one sided. Peterson would likely be a RB1 in New York.

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