MLB Players and Their Superhero Counterparts

Athletes and superheroes are both commonly larger than life and naturally there are some parallels between the two.  For now, we’re just going to look at baseball players and their superpowered counterparts with suggestions from the great users of the /r/baseball subreddit.


Captain America: Ted Williams 

Sorry David Wright but Captain America is just your nickname, Ted Williams is as close to the real deal as a baseball player can get.  Williams is not the only player to serve his country, however he is arguably the best player to do so.  Both Steve Rogers and Ted Williams were both frozen as pointed out by NJ_Yankees_fan, however we are still awaiting the thawing out of Williams.  User Totallynoy said it best:

“When Ted Williams was not hitting bombs in Fenway, he was dropping them on North Korea.
A true american from start to finish”.  

Suggested by: PunkPenguin

The Hulk: Giancarlo Stanton

Everyone knows that Stanton may very well be the strongest in the game, but that’s only half of the Hulk equation.  Stanton is a monster of a player…when he shows up. Last year was definitely more Bruce Banner year for Stanton.

Suggested by: DoctorTheWho

Juggernaut Judgernaut:  Aaron Judge

While not a hero, the comparison is undeniable.  The 6′ 7″, 230 lbs monster of a player that is Aaron Judge will hopefully be  an unstoppable force in the league for years to come.  If you’re scoring at home, Judge Dredd is also an acceptable name for the young Yankees slugger.

Suggested by: ep29 (Judgernaut name change by jfarbzz)


Batman and Robin:  Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus

The dynamic duo of the diamond, Beltre and Andrus are both respectable by themselves (Beltre more so) but together they’re a great team with a comedic side at times whether intentional or not.  

Suggested by: ndemerson (hey, that’s me)

The Flash:  Billy Hamilton

The Speed Force is strong within Billy Hamilton, now if only the Getting on Base Force was too.  Either way, Hamilton is one of the fastest players the league has ever seen (documented at least).

Suggested by: desmondhasabarrow (plus many more)

Professor X:  Terry Francona 

Team leader and former player, Francona and his bald head were a shoe in for the position of Professor X.  Charles Xavier is a mutant himself and Francona is a former player himself, plus they both have a slick pair of wheels they get around on., pub-1100396528751056, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Suggested by: Constant_Gardner11

MLB: New York Mets at San Diego Padres

Daredevil:  Angel Hernandez

Although he really isn’t a hero, he is blind. This one doesn’t need much explanation.

Suggested by: Captain-Darryl

Thor:  Noah Syndergaard

Syndergaard has multiple qualifications to fill in as the Norse God of Thunder.  The long and flowing hair pair a fastball as quick as lightning that makes a thunderous sound when it hits the catchers glove leave only the hammer and armor to complete the Avenger’s ensemble.

Suggested by: Common sense?  The Universe?

The best of the rest:

  • Ant-Man: Jose Altuve
  • Spider-Man: Ichiro
  • The Vision: Corey Kluber (Klubot, activate)
  • Iron Man: Cal Ripken Jr
  • Human Torch: Nolan Ryan
  • Superman: Kevin Pillar

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