5 Rookies That Could Make a Large Fantasy Impact in 2017

I hate the fantasy football off-season with a passion. It gives me way too much time to overthink which wide receiver I should draft first or if I really want to give Ryan Mathews ANOTHER chance. Why does that guy always end up on my team? Luckily, the draft is right around the corner and we can begin to overthink which of these rookies would be a nice addition to your fantasy roster. I am generally pretty opposed to drafting rookies. Occasionally a rookie comes along like Zeke last year or Cam Newton but they are pretty far and few between. However, since it’s the off season and we have nothing else to talk about, let’s humor ourselves and take a look a few upcoming rookies that COULD (emphasis on could) make a fantasy impact in the upcoming 2017 season.

RBs Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette  – I’m going to go ahead and lump these guys together because I see them both as potential draftees by either the Jags or Panthers. Both the Jags and the Panthers are really hurting for a running back. I think that Cook is probably a better fit for the Jags. Fournette is like a bigger, faster version of Jonathan Stewart and he would fit their scheme a little better than Cooks would. Both of these running backs have the upside to start right away, making them a very valuable asset to your roster and possible steal in later rounds.

WR Mike Williams – How many wide receivers named Mike Williams have there been in the NFL? I feel like there’s been a ton. If you watched the National Championship this year, you know who this guy is. 6’3 and 218 pounds is a lot of wide receiver to deal with on defense. He is a legitimate red zone threat and if he’s paired with the right team, he could put up some points for your team.

QB Deshaun Watson – This guy played in the National Championship like his life was on the line if he lost. His 4th quarter heroics were legendary. Rookie Quarterbacks are a really risky play in fantasy football. Most don’t put up a ton of numbers and they are prone to more turnovers but Watson might be worth a stash depending on what team ends up drafting him.

TE O.J. Howard – If I had it my way, I would do away with the tight end position in fantasy football. There are only a handful, actually less than that, that put up decent numbers consistently. If you are lucky enough to get one of those guys, then pin a rose on your nose. Most people though, aren’t able to get that star tight end. O.J. Howard is a big tight end out of Alabama that could be an instant contributor to whatever team drafts him. Or he could do nothing, which most tight ends do. But he’s worth a shot in this day and age of feast or famine tight ends.

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Bonus IDP: DE Myles Garrett – This is a no brainer. Garrett is set to be drafted  first overall by the Cleveland Browns barring some kind of draft dray trade craziness. He is a beast and a player you could acquire on your roster cheaply.

Bonus Bonus IDP – LB T.J. Watt – Pick this dude up and then try to pass him off as J.J. Watt later in a trade. Hey it might work.

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  1. I drafted the Bucs Mike Williams with an early pick in a keeper league. Big mistake. Won’t draft another one.

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