Wolverine’s Farewell. A review of Logan.

 Wolverine is back, and grittier than ever in his final farewell to the big screen.  If you read Old Man Logan which this is loosely based off of, please take this review with a grain of salt. 

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The story of Logan is a gritty one that can very well stand as its own film, separate from the previous X-Men and Wolverine movies.  That being said, Logan has plenty of call backs and references to the previous movies, so it is still best to go back and brush up on those before going to see the movie.  After one viewing, I had trouble finding any continuity errors or holes in the plot but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any there so if you would like to point any out please drop a comment below. I look forward to going back and seeing Logan again and seeing if the story holds up a second time around, but after one time through the plot holds up very well.

Grade: 2.0/2.5


Overall, a very solid performance by the cast of Logan.  As usual in the X-Men universe, some of the supporting cast is either lackluster or over the top at times but the stars do an excellent job of making up for this.  Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart both turn in arguably the best performances of their careers (X-Men or otherwise).  The inclusion of Stephen Merchant as Caliban was a very nice credibility to the acting chops of the cast of Logan.  Overall though, some of the supporting cast hinder the story at times.  

Grade: 2.0/2.5

Special Effects:

Probably the aspect of Logan that surprised me the most, the special effects were top notch.  In previous X-Men movies (the Wolverine movies in particular), the special effects have been laughable at times and that’s to be expected with the subject material they’re dealing with.  With Logan earning an R rating, the added dismemberment and blood were very well done and thankfully not too over the top.  With special effects at the same level as the current Marvel cinematic universe and better than 20th Century Fox’s last few movies (sorry Deadpool), Logan finishes the story of Wolverine with the special effects it deserves.  

Grade: 2.5/2.5


The cinematography in Logan thoroughly impressed me for the genre in which it lives.  Superhero movies can often fall victim to “blockbuster syndrome”, where they focus more on the action in the shot and not the shot itself.  Logan is a cinematic marvel (no pun intended) in the superhero genre and is set up very well, further aiding the story and acting.

Grade:  2.5/2.5


Overall, Logan is a very good stand alone film but even more so a great sendoff to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart who both announced their retirement from the roles of Wolverine and Charles Xavier.  If you have even a little bit of interest in Logan, do yourself a favor and go see it while it is still in theaters.  

Grade: 9/10

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