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The Great White Mike

I have a confession. I have a really weird obsession with Mike Glennon. It might be because he slightly resembles a giraffe or even an alpaca. Which are both pretty bad ass animals. Did you know a giraffe can run 37 mph?  How is that even possible with that giant neck flailing around? Watch Mike Glennon play and you’ll find out how it’s possible. Mike Glennon is 6’6, with 12 inches of that being his neck. All that neck makes it possible for him to see over the line easily and at angles most QBs can’t achieve.

I think my love affair with Mike Glennon started when I saw him play his rookie year (2013) in Seattle. The Bucs nearly took down the Seahawks that year but ended up blowing a 21 point lead. Glennon played well that game, not great, but pretty good for a rookie coming in and playing in Seattle. Glennon ended up finishing his rookie year with just over 2600 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. He was also named to the AP All Rookie Team. I had high hopes for him. I personally thought that the Bucs gave up on him too quickly and they did give up on him when they drafted Jameis Winston in 2015. Since then, Glennon has been serving as the backup and has barely seen the field.

Glennon is a free agent this year and, like many of you I’m sure, I’m excited that we may see The Great White Mike under center next season as a starter. I believe there are a handful of teams that could make a run at Glennon as either a starter or a backup.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: For real, backup QB is the best position to find yourself in the NFL. That or a kicker. As a back up, you just get to chill on the bench with your clipboard, occasionally act like you’re interested in going through the playbook, and oh, you don’t get multiple concussions. That and you get paid millions of dollars for it. Not a bad gig. It’s been reported that the Bucs have offered Glennon a whopping 8 million dollars a year to be their backup. 8 MILLION. Sign me up. I’ll carry Winstons pads every day for that. This would make him the second highest paid back up in the NFL. With the highest being Brock “I don’t know how to throw a football” Osweiler.

Chicago Bears: We all know Cutler is most likely on his way out. Glennon is still young enough that a team like the Bears could include him in their rebuilding plans. If he doesn’t end up going back to the Bucs, I think this would be the most likely landing spot.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns are a likely landing spot for most QBs almost every year. Why QBs continue to go there, I don’t know. Cleveland is where quarterbacks careers go to die. That being said, this could be a spot for Glennon, but the Browns may end up testing the RG3 experiment a bit more before they move on.

San Francisco 49ers: The Niners are cleaning house and with the departure of Colin Kaepernick, the Niners could be a potential suitor for Glennon. The Redskins also recently tagged Kirk Cousins, who was heavily linked to San Francisco. The Niners also have no real option at the QB at the moment other than the very handsome Blane Gabbert. Too bad devilishly good looks can’t throw a football.

New York Jets: This team has also been a rumored suitor for Glennon. The Jets also seem to be a team that’s looking to rebuild. They could use a young QB that’s not named Geno Smith to build around. However, the Jets have also been releasing or are rumored to be releasing a lot of their big pieces on the team. Glennon to the Jets could end in disaster.



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