Adrian Peterson Would Be Next Great Seahawks Running Back

We’ve all thought about it ever since his release last week. “Where is AP going to end up?” Almost every team in the NFL with any bit of doubt at the running back position has been rumored to be interested in Peterson. Just days from being 32, which is like 224 in running back years (I’m just assuming it’s identical to dog years at this point), Peterson seems like he should be on the decline. One thing I think we have all learned through the years, though, is that Adrian Peterson doesn’t seem to be a normal human being.

Last season, Peterson seemed a bit off. Battling injuries and a horrific offensive line (sorry, not sorry Vikings fans), he struggled to get anything going throughout the season. In fact, he only managed to make it through 3 games and averaged a very underwhelming 1.9 YPC.

If he’s smart, he goes to Seattle.

I can hear the Seattle fans already.

“This article is ridiculous. We already have our future. Alex Collins, Thomas Rawls and CJ Prosise have all shown more than enough promise. We don’t need an old aging running back.”

With that in mind, take this in to account. Rawls and Prosise have been battling injury after injury and Alex Collins is not the answer. You know he isn’t. He’s a lesser version of Christine Michael. Being a lesser version of someone that has already shown he wasn’t good enough, does not equal him being good enough.

Peterson’s biggest issue last season, while playing, was his offensive line. Its hard to run behind a line that has more holes in it than a white kids’ jeans from the early 2000’s. Peterson is a big, strong back with deceptive speed. As big as he is, he still needs a line that can block for him. Last time the Seahawks had a running back in that mold, he went by the name of Marshawn and the Seahawks wound up in the Superbowl twice., pub-1100396528751056, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It just makes too much sense.

Darrell Bevell is good at one thing, running the damn ball. Especially with a power back. Bevell’s play calling, along with the much improved Seahawks offensive line could give you at least two solid years out of Peterson. Center Justin Britt was a Pro Bowler and youngsters Germain Ifedi and Rees Odhiambo show a ton of potential. With the Seahawks also being one of the last teams to still utilize a fullback, Peterson could potentially get back to his pro bowl form.

I say see if he’ll go for the “Hell ya i wanna win a ring before i retire” discount and settle for a $5  million, one year deal with a team option for year two. Let him play on first and second down and have Prosise be your third down and passing situation back.

If Peterson decides that Seattle is a good fit, and the Hawks decide that he fits well in there system, expect the Seahawks to get back to the days of running back dominance.

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  1. I just don’t see this happening. No way the Hawks do this unless he comes at a massive discount.

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