Fantasy Baseball Team Names 2017

What’s a good fantasy roster without a good fantasy team name?  Let’s take a look at some of my favorite team names going into the 2017 season.  While some of these are creations of my own mind, they may have been drummed up by someone else somewhere else on the interwebs so I will not take full ownership.  Anyways, let’s begin…


50 Shades of Sonny Gray

Angels in the Troutfield

Babe: Puig In The City

Bases Clogged?  Get Waino

Cano He Didn’t (or Sano if you’d like)

Can’t Cutch This

Eggs Odorizzi

Honey Nut Ichiros

I Would Walk 500 Giles

Joe Buck Yourself

Kershawshank Redemption

Lawn Mauers

Machado Machado Man


Miggy Azalea

My Average is Tulo (apply struggling categories at will)

Place Your Betts

Schwarber In The Stone

Shopping at the Super Marte

Will You Go to deGrom With Me?

The Wizard of Hoz


Newer Players/Topical:

Albies Your Crying Shoulder

All Dahled Up

Betances The Rapper

Darth Hader

Finding Trevor Story

Great Britton

Hakuna Moncada

I’ll Be Vogelbach

Judge Dredd

The Price of Red Sox is on Sale (or any variation of this)

XXX: Return of Xander Bogaerts


If you have trouble letting go of former players:

Buehrle Legal

Can You Freel The Love

Ethier Said Than Dunn

Jeter’s Gift Baskets

A Streetcar Named Cuddyer

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  1. One of the guys in one of my leagues has this one – and it’s my absolute favorite so far this season. You think he loves his Braves and their top prospects?

    Acuna Maitanta


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